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Lowest price guaranteed. Available Free shipping on orders of 4 boxes or more. Our prices are hard to beat.

Buying contact lenses online with us is fast and easy. Just three easy steps and your contacts will be shipped to your door. (Click each step for additional information.)

1. Add Your Prescription Information
Your contact lens prescription can be found on the hand-written prescription from your doctor, or on your contact lens box. Just find your brand and we will take you through the process of entering the information.

To ensure the accuracy of your order, we verify your prescription with your eye doctor. We will ask for your doctor’s information during the ordering process. You can easily find your doctor’s information using the doctor’s name, the clinic name, the city, state, or the phone number. Once you enter your doctor’s information, we take care of the rest. It can take one business day to verify your prescription with your eye doctor – if you have a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor, you can fax it to 1 (866) 931-3561 or email it to to speed up your order. If we recieve your orders and prescription before 2:00 PM EST, we usually process it the same day.

2. Fill In Your Shipping Information
Once you are finished filling out your prescription information, the next step is to let us know where you would like your contact lenses sent. We are able to ship your contact lenses anywhere inside the United States.

It typically takes 5-7 business days for your contacts to be delivered to your door using this shipping option. (Faster shipping methods are available.)

You can pay for your order using all major credit cards. After filling out your payment information, just submit your order, and it will be shipped right to your door. That’s all there is to it!